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Let Malore Logistics ship your cargo with care and expertise.

Welcome to Malore Logistics.

We are highly passionate about the Logistics process. Over the years, we have become experts in the movement of freight via road, sea and air.

As shipping agents, we are able to provide you with shipping services which:

1) Suit your schedule best.
2) Lower your Logistics costs in many cases.
3) Help you succeed in your venture(s).

Whether you need to ship full containers or LCL (less-than-container) loads, we are here to help you succeed. Please contact us below to discuss your project(s), and we will gladly assist you with care.

Shipping services

We move various cargo successfully via sea, road and air. We can ship to and from various countries around the world.


We can facilitate the storage of your goods, both in South Africa and in various parts of the world.

Customs Procedures

If required, we will clear your goods at customs.

Free Consultations

If you need any clarity or information concerning your shipment(s), please feel free to contact us for consultations.

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Address: 138 West Street, Johannesburg, South Africa.

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